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Monthly Report Set Up & Data Input - KW Regions

Monthly Report Set Up & Data Input - KW Regions

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Our Regional Reporting Services help Keller Williams Regions stay informed and ahead by leveraging monthly reports for on time delivery to KWRI. Quickly identify opportunities and make informed decisions to maximize results. 

Our team of experts will set up all reports within two business days of the start of the month or 48 business hours after you have placed your order. 

Included Report Set Up:

  • Gross vs. Net Report
  • Retention Rate Report
  • New & Lost Agent - Company Dollar Difference Report
  • LoRE Exercise Report - Pink and Green
  • In and Out Report (Adding and Archiving contacts in Command, Adding and Removing agents on FB Group)

Data Input Service Monthly after KW Reports drop on the 5th or 6th of the month with 24-48 hour turn around time for all reports. 

Data Entry:

  • LoRE Exercise Report “Pink and Greens” (KWRI, Region and Market Center)
  • Conditional Success Report (Region and Market Centers)
  • New & Lost Agent - Company Dollar Difference Report
  • Gross vs. Net Report (Region and Market Centers
  • Retention Rate Report (Region and Market Centers)
  • Top Performers Report 
  • Top Producers Report  
  • Top Growth Market Center 

** NOTE this does not include any graphic creation**

If you would like to set this up as a monthly subscription for a discount price please reach out to

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