Direct Hiring Your Virtual Leverage

Are you looking to optimize your virtual hiring process? Look no further than ExecAssist, the industry leader in virtual leverage solutions. With our robust sourcing system, we can help you find the perfect candidate for your remote team. Whether you need a virtual assistant, a social media manager, or any other virtual professional, we have you covered.

At ExecAssist, we understand the challenges of virtual hiring and the importance of finding the right fit for your team. That's why we have developed a comprehensive sourcing system that ensures you get the best talent available. Our system combines cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge to deliver exceptional results.

Here's how our sourcing system works:

  1. We start by understanding your specific virtual hiring needs. Whether you require specific skills, industry experience, or cultural fit, we take all factors into consideration.
  2. Using our extensive network and advanced search algorithms, we identify a pool of highly qualified candidates that match your requirements.
  3. Our team of virtual hiring experts thoroughly screens and interviews each candidate to assess their skills, experience, and suitability for your organization.
  4. We provide you with a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, along with detailed profiles and recommendations.
  5. You have the opportunity to interview and assess the candidates before making a final decision.
  6. Once you have selected your ideal candidate, we assist with the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition.

With ExecAssist's sourcing system, you can save time and effort in your virtual hiring process. Our expertise and resources enable us to find top talent quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on growing your business.

Don't let virtual hiring challenges hold you back. Leverage ExecAssist's robust sourcing system to find the perfect virtual professional for your team. Contact us today to get started and experience the difference of working with the industry leader in virtual leverage solutions.

Sourcing with ExecAssist

  • Direct Hire Option Overview:

    • Flat Fee: For $1200, you can gain access to our expertly sourced VA talent, each meticulously vetted to meet your specific requirements.
    • Optional 30-60-90 Plan: Tailor your onboarding experience with The Options, 30-60- 90 Admin Coaching for just $699, to ensure seamless integration and long-term success.
  • What We Bring to the Table:

    • Expert VA Talent Sourcing: Our dedicated team of recruitment specialists will locate, assess, and select the most suitable virtual assistants who align with your needs and business goals.
    • Career Visioning Hiring Process: We have developed a unique hiring process that focuses on finding individuals who not only possess the skills you require but also share your vision and values.
    • Time and Cost Efficiency: Our Direct Hire option minimizes the time and resources spent on recruiting, allowing you to allocate those assets to growing your business.
    • Diverse Skill Sets: Whether you need VAs with expertise in administration, customer service, or any other area, we've got you covered.

  • Your Responsibility:

    • Training,
    • Accountability
    • Payroll management