Brokerage Virtual Assistants

At ExecAssist, we provide Brokerage Virtual Support Services. Our Virtual Assistants undergo a rigorous hiring process and receive specialized training in brokerage operations. We provide a wide range of services designed to boost agent engagement, cut expenses, and improve efficiency. From initial agent onboarding and tech set up, compliance assistants to managing recruiting pipelines, our VA's have the expertise to help your business run smoothly.

  • Leadership Assistant $1699

    Broker Metrics

    Calendar Management

    Email Management

    CRM Management

    Recruit Pipeline Management

    Retention Newsletters

    Brokerage Reporting

  • Agent Services $1699

    Tech Onboarding

    Happy Birthday Social Templates

    Anniversary Social Templates

    Capping Social Templates

    KPA Send

    Command Set-Up

    New Agent Smart Plans

    Business Cards

    Email Signatures

Your Brokerage Needs Leverage

Reports Collection