The Cost Of NOT Having Leverage In Your Small Business

The Cost Of NOT Having Leverage In Your Small Business

In the world of real estate, it's a common misconception among many agents that by forgoing outsourcing and handling all duties themselves, they're optimizing their earnings. However, this belief is often misguided.

Several agents have said to me in discovery calls that if they handle every task themselves, it would be more cost-effective and they have more control.. But is it really? It's crucial to factor in the value of your time when carrying out these tasks. Have you considered the time diverted from your most critical work? Or the inevitable fatigue that results from attempting to manage everything single-handedly?

Furthermore, you need to evaluate the opportunity cost - the time not spent on the most revenue generating activities in your business. Not to mention the mental strain associated with ensuring these tasks are executed. Or the cost of intending to accomplish something but never actually getting it done?

Leverage is not always a WHO. Sometimes it is a a WHAT.  The WHAT could be buying an event guide from ExecAssist Digital Shop so you do not have to reinvent the wheel on your Thanksgiving Pie Event.  Or it could be using the EAssentials Social Box monthly to make your social content plan a breeze.  

In the end, you need to get comfortable with the idea of paying for solutions because one way or another, you will pay. You're either paying upfront for the solution or you'll pay the compounded cost of letting the problem linger over time.

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