Meet the Director of Growth : Charlton White

Meet the Director of Growth : Charlton White

Charlton White is a versatile professional with a rich background in IT and real estate, currently excelling in his role at ExecAssist. His journey from IT to logistics, and ultimately to real estate, showcases his adaptability and expertise in optimizing business operations and enhancing client experiences.

Charlton was born in La Ceiba, Honduras, and raised in Puerto Cortes, where he moved at the age of 5 to be closer to his father, a ship captain. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Charlton has navigated various professional landscapes with ease, leveraging his bilingual skills to build strong relationships and deliver exceptional service.

Charlton began his career in IT, where he spent 15 years in various roles, gaining valuable experience in systems management, ERP, CRM, and accounting software. His tenure in logistics and operations further developed his problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking. A couple of years in bulk stevedoring taught him to think three steps ahead, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

About five years ago, his transition to the real estate sector, working from home as a Keller Williams Virtual Assistant before becoming a licensed agent himself. He currently has several active listings in Honduras, demonstrating his competence and dedication to the real estate market.

Current Role: At ExecAssist, Charlton applies his diverse skill set to support real estate professionals with:

  • Expertise in the Keller Williams Command system
  • Database management and cleanup
  • Setting up smart plans and drip campaigns
  • Creating custom tracking spreadsheets and dashboards
  • Strategic advice on lead generation and nurturing

Charlton’s IT background allows him to simplify complex processes, helping clients achieve their objectives efficiently.

Key Skills and Unique Selling Points:

  • Blend of IT and real estate experience
  • Understanding of both technical aspects and real-world real estate challenges
  • Ability to optimize systems for real estate teams
  • Focus on documentation and process optimization
  • Emphasis on team accountability and performance tracking
  • Customized solutions for each client's needs

Personal Interests: He is passionate about discovering and implementing new software, coding, and leveraging AI to assist his children in preparing for spelling bees. His interests reflect his dedication to continuous learning and personal development.

Future Goals: Charlton aims to fulfill his Big WHY and potentially transition to full-time real estate in the future, continuing to leverage his unique blend of skills to drive success for himself and his clients.

Charlton White’s ability to integrate his IT expertise with his real estate experience makes him a standout professional in the industry. His commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and personalized client solutions underscore his impact in the real estate sector.

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