Agent SKILL Is Not The Only MUST HAVE In This Market

Agent SKILL Is Not The Only MUST HAVE In This Market

Lately, there's one thing that's been buzzing in all the rooms - we're in a skills market. That's why we've been heavily focusing on operations team member training this past year. From the newest additions to our team to our most experienced operations team members, everyone is going through training and development multiple times a month.

Our operations coaching clients are practicing listing presentation research, buyer-broker data pulls, delivering market updates, handling objections, and honing their social media content skills. We're doing everything that will help them become recognized experts in their field!

The impact on our partners production this year has been incredible. Many teams are struggling right now, and I'm frequently asked what we're doing differently to thrive in this market. Let me tell you, it's this - consistent and effective training for our operations team.

If you're not providing consistent training to your operations team right now and not inspecting what you expect, they're going to fall behind in this market. The operations teams that will succeed are the ones investing time in skill development and continually improving their craft.

It won't happen overnight, but I guarantee you, if you provide consistent training to your operations team, especially your virtual team every single week, you'll be ahead of everyone else this time next year.  If this sounds like something you do not have time to do yourself, we are here to provide that leverage.  We can support your operations team with coaching or by hiring one of our trained ExecAssist VAs who are trained by us multiple times a month. 

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